The Fairmont Miramar Presents: Pride-a-Blooma Art Installation

The Fairmont Miramar has tapped local LGBTQ+ artist Tim Devlin for a masterful “Pride-a-Blooma” colorful and multi-textural floral-based piece installation in the hotel’s shopping promenade, that visually captures the joyful energy of PRIDE.

Taking cues from the vibrant and colorful PRIDE flag palette, Tim Devlin’s immersive wallscape showcases vibrant color combinations made up of dried and artificial plant material to achieve a high level of saturated color for the ultimate social media moment that integrates seamlessly with the Fairmont Miramar’s existing array of fresh plants throughout the hotel.

“As an LGBT artist, participating in this year’s art walk is an incredible honor. We are uplifting narratives and stories from the LGBT+ community,” states Devlin. “Coming out of the pandemic, it’s time to share our gardens and celebrate PRIDE.”

To build on the bright energy behind Devlin’s expressive art installation, the Miramar will light up its iconic 150-year-old Morten Bay Fig Tree throughout the month of June with lights that glisten in the PRIDE colors.

For thirsty locals, art walkers, and guests looking to further show their pride for the community, they can head to the Fairmont Miramar’s farm-to-table FIG Restaurant or the newly re-designed Lobby Lounge and imbibe with a charitable ‘Purple Rain’ cocktail ($18)—featuring a refreshing mix of vodka, butterfly pea flower, lime, and ginger beer. 20% of proceeds from each cocktail sold throughout the month of June will directly benefit Liberty Hill, a foundation which has supported community-based organizing by LGBTQ leaders throughout their history.

Source: DoLA

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